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Light Body Ambassadors

Learn more about your Portal to The Light Body guides!


Dr Shamini Jain

Psychologist, researcher, and teacher.

We all have a sense that our “energy matters”. Can understanding subtle energy, or the biofield, help us solve our global health crisis?

Founder and CEO of the Consciousness and Healing Initiative (CHI) - a collaborative accelerator of scientists, healers, artists, educators and social entrepreneurs to help lead humanity to heal ourselves. She is also an Assistant Professor at UC San Diego and is known for her research and teaching in psychoneuroimmunology and biofield healing practices.  

Her first book, on the Biofield, will be published with SoundsTrue in early 2021. More at and



Ahmed El Feqy

Egyptian Mystic,Wisdom Keeper & Energy Healer.

Merkaba Light Body Activation.

Ahmed will activate the participants’ Merkaba Light body using Sacred Geometric Temple Templates, sound keys & celestial light technology with pure Source connection & the Master Alchemists of Andromeda to anchor everyone’s Divinity, Higher Self & Light Body deeper into the physical.


Jerylyn 1kx1k.jpg

Emy Shanti

Spiritual Teacher

Bridging Heaven and Earth

Emy Shanti is a medicine woman who dedicated her life to the awakening of consciousness. For more than 30 years, she takes people on spiritual Journeys to Sacred Land around the world. She has also produced Expos, Spiritual Concerts and Retreats. Guides sacred ceremonies and creates multiple mystical events. Currently, produces  Expo Vida Consciente, the Spanish Program at the Conscious Life Expo.


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Diana Maxwell

Host, Producer, Biofield Energy Practitioner.

Multimedia Portal Activations for Healing on Planet Earth

By activating our innate light giving abilities through ancient healing practices, core to our nature, we contribute to the well being of our individual biofield and the biosphere of Gaia on which we rely to exist.

Diana pioneers in the realms of cutting edge transformation and healing impact experiences. She has curated and operated the LA Conscious Life Expo speaker program since 2011. Diana has been in practice and taught therapeutic biofield healing arts for 35 years.


Adam Apollo

The Body Starship

Practical applications of the human energy body for navigation through daily life events, spiritual experiences, and transformational realizations. 

Adam Apollo has offered insights on global transitions, physics, technology, human spirituality and the future as a "Next Generation Leadership" ambassador at the White House, in multiple NEXUS and other summits at the United Nations, and at conferences and festivals around the world. He is a cofounder of the UNIFY movement and two education and technology based companies: Access Granted and Superluminal Systems. Adam Apollo is dedicated to achieving a sustainable and thriving interplanetary culture.



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Jorge Luis Delgado

Peruvian spiritual teacher, elder, author and shaman.

Qualities of Light in the Sunrise

Through his knowledge, initiations, and ceremonies, Jorge helps us to fully live and love in these chaotic times as Children of the Sun.

Jorge is a keeper of the ancient knowledge, and freely shares it with the world to help humanity to awaken to the fact that it is time to live fully in love, peace and oneness. Jorge's new book INKA WISDON. Return to Joy, is already available on Amazon.

Ahmed El Feqy1kx1k.jpg

Jeralyn Glass

Musician, opera singer, crystal sound meditation.

Leading us in a 9 chakra, 528Hz crystal alchemy meditation of Ascension.

Jeralyn Glass brings a unique presence with her personal alchemy of classical music, meditation and high vibrational sound. She founded Crystal Cadence, the Los Angeles Crystal Tones Singing Bowl Temple, a place for Song & Sound Healing.,, Instagram crystalcadencela.


PTA Emy.jpg

Douglas Taylor

Visionary Artist

Multi-talented visionary artist, author and speaker.

Douglas began having many strange and wonderful psychic experiences that profoundly changed his life.

Having no previous artistic background a profusion of paintings flowed. Aided by a series of beautiful communications in visions and dreams with extraterrestrial and celestial beings over the years, he continues to show his inspiration in his writing, painting, and teaching.

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