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The Light Body

Portal to

The Light Body


Free Online Magical Event

You are invited to explore and experience the profound teachings of the Light Body. We have brought together an eclectic group of presenters from diverse backgrounds. Our guides will share about different aspects of the light body from from their area of expertise. We will hear from the perspectives of Egyptian mysticism, the Merkabah, Biofield research and science, physics, technology, human spirituality, psychology, shamanism, crystal bowls and sound healing. 

Activating your Light Body is to awaken the codes in your DNA blueprint. The Merkabah (Light, Spirit, Body) your divine light vehicle.  Your sacred chariot which carries you from one dimensional world to another. Consciously. Composed of many toroidal fields of energy. Radiating through and around your heart and spine and interlocking into expanding quantum fields as different phases of activation occur.


The event will be held on Zoom on


Thursday May 28, 2020


from 6 PM to 7 PM (PST)

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The Light Body is also referred to as the Biofield. Biofield Science researchers share the concept that molecules, cells and organs of living systems interact via energy fields. Systems of healing that have been practiced empirically for thousands of years like Acupuncture, Ayurveda and Yoga work with the Biofield to bring balance and harmonize the body, mind and spirit.


Your light body is the innate cosmic fabric of who you are and how the sentient intelligence of the universe runs through you. Like the mycelium network which runs through and connects the surface of the earth and the Internet which we have created as an out picturing of  this and our own developing concretized telepathy. Both of which operate at light speed and allow in us to communicate across the world. Our activated Light Body is how we as living organisms can travel across space time and exist in multidimensional realities.

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