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Festival of Light


3 Day Global Immersion 

Over 100 Luminaries • 7 Stages • Uplifting Music • Wellbeing Tools

Sacred Ceremonies • Inspirational Films • Master Workshops


March 5•6•7  2021


Bilingual Event - English & Spanish

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Ignite Your Being

  • Explore the quantum nature of light and the cosmos!

  • Thrive, release fear and illuminate your bodymind!

  • Experience the healing power of sacred ceremonies!

  • Tread lightly, restore balance and commune with Gaia!

  • Quiet your mind and radiate heart consciousness!

  • Boost your immune system with high vibe nutrition!

  • Discover where science and ancient wisdom meet

  • Unlock the mysteries dormant in your "junk DNA"!

  • Actualize with leading edge transformational tools!

Festival of Light’s stellar line up of luminaries, musicians and film makers will fill you up with a new passion to walk this earth with exuberant joy as a lightworker spreading love into every heart and the heart of our sacred mother earth.


Your soul will be satiated with profound illuminating content  and music, drawn from ancient and modern cultures, leading edge transformational wellbeing tools, shamanism, heart wisdom, the neuroscience of awakening and mindfulness technologies.


Elements of sacred geometry, sound tapestries, chi harmonizing movement and visionary art will be woven like a dynamic mandala throughout every aspect of this transmission.

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